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Austrian Dating Culture

There could be numerous reasons, which could make you desire to date an Austrian woman. The most common scenario is that you have already met your lady via one of the popular online dating sites, such as,, had a pleasant and secure communication to her and you both felt that special spark. So now, as a true knight on a white horse, you are ready to meet your princess and have the best date together. We bet you want to surprise her, but at the same time you would like to avoid some unpleasant surprises as well, isn’t it?

So it would be wise to make a certain kind of research and consider the nation-specific and traditions of your lady, so it would be much easier for you to understand her better and as the result to find a key from her heart. Below you may find some tips, which describe the Austrian women character and national customs in relation to dating to prepare for the first meeting with your sweetheart. 

And if you are still looking for your second half among girls from Austria, in the second half of this article you will be able to find some information that can help you in your search.

Austrian Women: Ice or Fire?

The correct answer to this question would be ice and fire as well. 


Speaking about the traditional Austrian woman with the Nordic type of appearance, you should be ready to face some ice. These ladies may seem modest and shy. In spite it is hard to meet the true Nordic beauty nowadays, Austrian women are loyal to traditions and genes. 

So be ready for mean emotions at public and some emotional constriction, it shouldn’t push you away. It could be hard for her to take your hand or to kiss in a place, where you can be seen by others. The reason is that in general, most Austrians are very conservative and strict people. They don’t take flirt as an art as French people do, and it can be a real challenge to open heart and feelings to the beloved person. Please, do not take these cultural features as a personal offense or as an absence of romantic feelings to you. Be patient and be ready to give your Austrian lady a little bit more time to get closer to you. You will be surprised when the ice will melt. 


At the same time, in case you met your real love, you will have the moment when she will let you know that. It would be something special, and you will undoubtedly feel the difference. She will let you know she trusts you by taking your hand, hugging you, or kissing you. Since then, you should know you started a fire, which should be gently kept. The passion which will be born in this fire will cover your lady and you and bring the feeling of pure happiness and satisfaction.

Austrian Dating Customs

Being conservative and loyal to traditions, Austrians have specific rules regarding dating, which is better to follow. Below you may find a quick guide with information of what is normally expected when you are on a date with an Austrian lady:

  • Do not be late, Austrian dating rules consider punctuality in the first place;
  • Be a gentleman and treat your woman like a queen, as we were discussed later Austrians are very conservative;
  • Be ready for smokers around you, Austria is known by a huge amount of smokers;
  • Austrian women may seem rude, although it is explained by national feature – love to sarcasm and straight humor;
  • Austrian women are true patriots, so you can fight her heart demonstrating knowledge regarding some national historical facts, traditions, and places.

Still Have Not Found Your Austrian Bride?

As mentioned above, this part will be useful for those men who are interested in Austrian women and even explore all specific details of dating in Austrian culture.

The most common mistake that makes it difficult to find your second half is using dating websites with a dubious reputation. What does it mean? Mostly, it means that such a dating platform does not have a good enough protection system and especially anti-scam control. Because if most profiles there are fake, you will waste a lot of your time there. So you need to be careful when you are choosing a dating website. Do not be lazy and make at least a little research to find out what reputation the site has.

The next common mistake is empty profiles. It means that you add no information there or add only a couple of general words. When women on the site see such a profile they can think that you are not severe. Because if you did not spend 10-15 minutes to fill out profile forms, probably you do not want to find someone to create a family here. If you do not upload at least a couple of photos in your profile, it will provide you with the same reaction from girls. You cannot look serious if you hide your face on a dating platform.

Best Advice

Choose the right channel of communication. When we are speaking about the “right” channel, it means the one which fits you the best. Because all people are different, someone is good at chat, someone in a mailing. Both channels have their specific features, and they doth good. In the conversation, you can give and receive more information in a shorter time. But in a letter, you can express your thoughts and feelings better. So at least for the introduction, use the channel where you feel more confident.


As probably every single nation on this planet, Austrians have their traditions in dating. So if you are interested in a serious relationship with a woman from this country, it will be useful for you to know them. It will help you to understand your woman better and avoid common mistakes on a date.

Dating an Austrian Women: What You Should Know

“Maybe I should try dating Austrian women?” – this question is more and more popular lately, did you notice that? Many men nowadays are thinking about looking for their love in this beautiful European country with a rich history. And to explain all the reasons why they made such a decision and how they are doing it, let’s separate this article into two parts.

If you already have one hundred percent sureness in your decision to find your second half among Austrian women, you can skip the first part. Because it will describe all the features of these women. So the second part that describes ways how you can make your dream come true will be much more useful for you.

Austrian Girls

So let’s start with the question: what do you know about Austria? Most people who are not from Europe, probably need to use Google or another search system to remember something more than just “one of a European country”. And if someone asks you about famous Austrians, it will be hard to remember more than a couple of names, isn’t it?

But you will be surprised, when you find out that you know much more famous from this country, you just didn’t know that they are Austrians. And in the way of exploring these persons, who left a mark in world history, we will try to understand better women from this country. So let’s start.

Types of Men Adored By Austrian Women 

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger 

Yes, the first person is easy to remember. It is the most famous Austrian alive nowadays. Arnold is a great example of a strong person. He was and still is a symbol for many boys all around the world. And his power is not in his muscles only. His muscles are a result of his spiritual power. As well as his successful movie career. There is no person who did not say the phrase “I’ll be back” at least one time in his life.

As well as Arnold Schwarzenegger, women from Austria are strong. If you want to find a girl who will be fearing the world and always hide behind your back, it will be hard to find her in this country. But if you are looking for someone who will be able to be your loving partner and the best friend at the same time, this is what you can find here. 

Ferdinand Porsche

For motorists, it is easy to understand who it is. One of the most famous automotive engineers of all time. Porsche car company is still working and many people are still dreaming to drive one of their cars. Also, he is known as a founder of the first gasoline-electric hybrid car and Volkswagen Käfer which most people call a Bug.

As well as Ferdinand Porsche, women form Austria are creative. Especially if we are talking about creating home comfort. This type of woman knows how to make your home looks better without significant costs, but with some little things and details. They know how to cook something special to make you happy. And their “list of something special to cook” consists of much more than only a couple of delicious dishes.

Gregor Johann Mendel and Christian Andreas Doppler

Did you hear something about the laws of Mendelian inheritance and the Doppler effect? These terms describe significant scientific discoveries from genetic and physic. Mendel’s discovery of the laws of monogenic traits’ inheritance became the first step towards modern genetics. Doppler effect is an integral part of modern theories about the origin of the Universe (such as the Big Bang and redshift theory), which is used in weather forecasting, in the study of stellar motion and cardiovascular disease diagnosis and is the basis of the functioning of radars and navigation systems.

And of course, not every single Austrian as smart as these two great representatives of their country. But you can be sure that Austrian women are well educated, so they will be able to share your point of view on everything.

Sigmund Freud

Not necessary to explain who it is, isn’t it? One more example of Austrian scientists, but in psychopathology. The person who became a father of psychoanalysis. He is the founder of this treatment method which implies dialogue between a doctor and a patient. He creates this profession that helps many people nowadays.

So if you would like to be with the woman who can understand what are you feeling right now and how to make you feel better, your chances rapidly increase if you choose an Austrian bride. Of course, they are not as good specialists in psychoanalysis as Freud. But they can be good listeners and can find the right words to provide you with the right advice in a difficult situation.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Peter Schubert

Mozart is one of the most popular composers of the classical era who has had a great influence on world music culture. Schubert was a composer of the late classical era and one of the founders of the romantic era in music.

If you have some passions in music, you can be one hundred percent sure that woman from the country where Mozart and Shubert were born will be able to share this passion. Moreover, if music id your hobby, you will not be able to find a good critic and partner at the same time.

This list of famous persons from Austria can provide only a small part of their features. But anyway you need to start with something. So if you interested in further exploration or even already ready to seek a girl for marriage among Austrians, the information from the next paragraph will provide you with some tools for your search.

How to Find Austrian Girls 

It is not so easy to meet Austrian women without visiting this country, isn’t it? And it is quite disappointing if you already focused on the search of your soul mate among them. So would you like to know how can you meet them sitting at home?

The answer, or the magic tool, is online Austrian dating websites. It will not be a problem to find such resources on the internet. If you try to google it, your search system will show you numerous options. So the main difficult question is: how to find the right one for you?

You have to be sure that the website provides you with total protection from scammers and protection of your personal data. Safety environment will provide you with the confidence that is incredibly important when you are looking for your second half;

The design and navigation of the site should be intuitively understanding. Such websites were created as a tool for dating, so you will need to be focused on a dating process only. Without wasting your time for an understanding of how working this or that option of the site.

Best Austrian Dating Sites

And if you do not have enough time to check all of the websites, that your search system found for you, here are some websites with proven reputation:

  • LoveSwans;
  • MatchTruly;
  • RomanceTale;
  • VictoriaHearts;
  • Valentime;
  • JollyRomance.


So if you would like to date an Austrian woman for serious relationships that may lead both of you to marriage and creation a family, but unfortunately you do not have an opportunity to fly to Austria anytime soon, online dating websites are what you need. Start your search today, who knows, maybe your soul mate is already waiting for you there.

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